Excellent viewing experience, unprecendented insights, optimized content and new revenue streams.

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Merging the best of both worlds

There are two ways to watch television: One is linear that sets the broadcast schedule for the viewer. The second one is on-demand that let viewers decide what they want to watch at a particular point in time. Our mission is to give customers an excellent viewing experience by merging best of both worlds.

Consumers enjoy personalized selection

TV2Z gives cable companies their customers access to a personalized, user-friendly dashboard to watch their favorite broadcasts anytime they like. Viewers decide which content is recorded. This, combined with a powerful, intelligent recommendation engine is ensuring that customers always have access to other relevant content from the many linear channels, and best of all: they get all this without lifting a finger.

Satisfied customers and new revenue streams

TV2Z offers cable companies the unique opportunity to optimally serve their customers by giving them access to interesting, relevant and personalized content. TV2Z lets cable companies show a personalised pre-roll to each television program so they can tap into a new revenue stream. This consequently transforms the cable company’s role from infrastructure supplier into a provider of a powerful, intelligent platform for addressable content.

Use media budgets more efficiently and effectively

The opportunity to show personalized advertising before recorded content opens new horizons for advertisers, brokers and advertising agencies. The mentioned parties can target their customer groups with pinpoint precision. Another advantage of TV2Z is that we provide objective and independent viewing analyses of both linear and on-demand channels. These insights based on big data help advertisers optimize their strategy and utilize their available media budgets more effectively and efficiently.

Make better programs

TV2Z improves the quality of content: Our objective analyses of the way in which and how intensely viewers watch programs, enables producers and broadcasters to optimize their content on numerous fronts. TV2Z makes everything visible and creates a strong foundation for more substantiated creative decisions.

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