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Create a customer driven tv platform

TV2Z is a leading provider of software and services that provides insights in TV viewing data. improve your customers experience by providing them personalized recommendations and ads. Combined with superior analytics capabilities, TV2Z enables major advantages in business intelligence.

Make smarter business decisions with intelligent collecting and processing data software

With the TV2Z software, consumer viewing behavior is collected and made clear. This data is presented in real time in a customizable easy-to-use dashboard. This makes it clear who, where, when and what your customers are watching. You can make data driven decisions based on your customer behavior insights to create or select new content. With the collected data, TV2Z makes predictions about consumer viewing behavior. In addition to consumer behavior forecasts, TV2Z provides insight into the churn ratios and predict customer migrations.

Add-on to make your current system customer driven.

All TV2Z’s tools can be delivered separately or combined as one total solution.

Boost audience engagement with our recommendation engine

Artificial intelligence and our smart algorithms make appropriate recommendations to the viewer based on the gathered data. The viewers favorite programs are automatically stored so they can be viewed again when the customer wants to. The TV2Z software makes sure the viewer never has to struggle with unfriendly user interfaces looking for a program. With this solution you get quick results and more insight into which programs are popular within a particular audience.

Bring in more revenue with smart ad-insertion, creating addressable tv

Based on the collected data, a clear, anonymous profile of each individual viewer can be created. This information makes it possible to target your advertising campaigns on TV as accurately as possible. Now there’s a shift, your advertising campaigns on TV get as insightful as your online campaigns. There is also the opportunity to show each viewer different advertisements, so the advertiser’s marketing budget can be deployed as efficiently as possible.

Complete OTT solution for all your content

To combine all these data-based features, TV2Z also offers a complete OTT solution including the data processing, recommendations and add insertion. All you have to do is upload your content into the platform. The OTT solution can be adjusted in the way you want. We ensure that all your content is properly and clearly delivered to your viewer. The OTT solution in combination with the three other components will result in the ultimate viewing experience for your customers.

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