LightningJS Application

LightningJS is a framework that designs and builds applications and software for specific users and developing custom made User Experience (UX) devices and applications. It is a revolutionary tool to reliably serve the customer’s needs and priorities.

With the tailored ability to reach millions of users on a global scale, Lightning offers a doorway to the future of application development. Through our collaborations with trusted content distributors, rights-holders, and telecom providers, the Lightning Application simplifies and optimize the ability to build and distribute apps for our clients and their audiences. Lightning is an open-source framework that builds applications on platforms. One single Lightning app build expedites the distribution to a global footprint of operators. Our expertise in sustaining the Lightning Framework allows us to expedite our services to our clients, maximising the overall TV2Z customer service experience.

Instantly Available on the Set-top Box

Instantly Available On The Set-top Box

TV2Z, a certified Metrological Partner, helps to integrate OTT channels and on-demand services into traditional pay-TV platforms. Once launched, your application will be instantly downloaded on all set-top boxed of the chosen operator.

Monetise Video Content Globally

Monetise Video Content Globally

Start generating revenue on selective operator devices through in-app operator or TV2Z Payments billing, advertisement and analytics.

Global Footprint Of Operators

Global Footprint Of Operators

With your Lightning application, you can easily launch, operate and manage your apps across operators and devices. Giving full ease of use for the end consumer through one single remote control. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities for your Lightning app.

With the electronic age constantly adapting and improving, the Lightning Framework is the benchmark for how we create and distribute our services. As a certified Metrological Partner, we can help a client integrate their OTT channels and on-demand services into traditional pay-TV platforms. As the world’s first certified Lightning Developer, we are the market leaders in providing Lightning services.

TV2Z partnered with Brightcove and is now available in the Brightcove Marketplace! TV2Z makes it able for Brightcove's Video Cloud Clients to easily launch a Lightning application across the Metrological operator network.

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